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Prix Félix-Leclerc

Prix Félix-Leclerc de la chanson

Created in 1996 by the Fondation Félix-Leclerc in collaboration with Les FrancoFolies de Montréal, the Prix Félix‑Leclerc de la chanson is intended to spur creativity among young singer-songwriters and encourage the production and proliferation of francophone music. The award allows two winners, one from Québec and the other from France, to introduce themselves to audiences across the Atlantic. In order to be eligible, candidates must have a repertoire consisting principally of original francophone pieces and have released at least one album.

Klô Pelgag Winner of the 2017 Félix Leclerc Award

Prix Félix-Leclerc de la chanson
  • • A $2500 grant from Groupe Éditorial Musinfo, Quebec publisher of part of the Félix Leclerc catalogue du catalogue de Félix Leclerc
  • • A $10,000 grant presented by CKOI
  • • A $2500 grant from SOCAN
  • • An invitation to participate in Les Francofolies de La Rochelle in 2018
  • • An internship at Chantier des Francos in advance of his participation in Les Francofolies de La Rochelle
  • • A $2500 grant from Éditions Raoul Breton, French publisher of Félix Leclerc
  • • A $2500 grant from SACEM
  • • An invitation to participate in Les FrancoFolies de Montréal in 2018
  • • France-Quebec return tickets to allow the winner to perform at the FrancoFolies de Montréal, from the OFQJ
Quebec recipients France recipients
Klô Pelgag 2017 Juliette Armanet
Safia Nolin 2016 Nord
Salomé Leclerc 2015 Radio Elvis
Philémon Cimon 2014 Feu! Chatterton
Karim Ouellet 2013 Hippocampe Fou
Marie-Pierre Arthur 2012 Ben Mazué
Bernard Adamus 2011 L
Damien Robitaille 2010 Robin Leduc
Alexandre Désilets 2009 Alexis HK
Catherine Major 2008 Imbert Imbert
Thomas Hellman 2007 MeLL
Karkwa 2006 Agnès Bihl
Vincent Vallières 2005 Nicolas Jules
Pierre Lapointe 2004 Amélie-les-crayons
Yann Perreau 2003 Fred
Stefie Shock 2002 Bertrand Louis
Loco Locass 2001 Miro
Daniel Boucher 2000 Mickey 3D
Mara Tremblay 1999 Rachel des Bois
Lili Fatale 1998 M
Sylvie Paquette 1997 Clarika
Marie-Jo Thério 1996 Pascal Mathieu

Éditions Raoul Breton, La fondation Félix Leclerc, Francofolies de La Rochelle, CKOI SOCAN, SACEM

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