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Manu Militari, Ale Dee et Militant, Taktika, L’AssemblÉe et Cobna, Koriass et SP , Anodajay et Chub-e, Dramatik, Shoddy et Karma Atchykah, Soké et Mocy, Yvon Krevé et Buzzy Boy
To celebrate 7 years of existence,, the collectivist, community-minded hip hop cadre, launched their own label, Les Disques HHQC. The first release, in autumn 2010: La force du nombre, 16 previously unreleased hard-hitting collaborations by the major names in Quebec rap, probably THE biggest local compilation every released in the genre here. Assemble the (un)usual suspects: Manu Militari, Taktika, L'Assemblée, Cobna, Koriass, SP, Anodajay, Chub-e Pelletier, Dramatik, Shoddy, Karma Atchykah, Buzzy Boy... on the same stage!    
Tendances Tendances
Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 7:00 PM
Club Soda
1225, Saint-Laurent Blvd Google Map
($19.50 plus taxes and fees ($23.97))
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JUNE 9-18, 2011
23rd Edition



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