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Rassemblement HHD

HHD: It's Hip Hop Dépendant. Rapper Anodajay leads this largest-ever rally of rap chez nous, a blowout success in Montreal and Quebec City in 2007, featuring a wild series of performances and unprecedented collaborations from DJ Horg, Loco Locass, Imposs, Samian, Manu Militari, Accrophone, Sans Pression, L'Assemblée, Boogat, Ale Dee, Taktika, Koriass, CEA, Dramatik (Muzion), Webster, Sagacité and MC La Sauce. You can never tell which artist or song will come up in the rotation. As they say when they rock the mic, "Once we start, there's no stopping us!"

Les Nuits Ford Focus
in association with ESPACE MUSIQUE 100,7 FM, 96,9 FM
Friday, July 25, 2008 at 9:00 PM
59, Sainte-Catherine street East
($17.50 ($19.50 the day of the show))

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JULY 24 TO AUGUST 3, 2008
20th Edition



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